Yellow is route down,  2187 miles
Green is 3 Flags 2015 route
SD > Victoria, 2430 miles
Olive is route home, 800 miles

Good, readable, PDF of this map
.GDB file Aug 20-15
GPX file for load into new Goldwings


3 Flags Classic Motorcycle Tour 2015
San Diego California  (read Tijuana Mexico)
to Victoria BC

Thursday Sept 3, 3:00AM - Monday Sept 7, 2015

2,430 miles or 3,911 Km's in 4 Days
2015 3 Flags Tour, one way!
(We expect to finish one day early)

Website Last Updated: Monday October 5, 5:50 PM MDT

 Brians Individual Spotwalla Trip Page
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choose "Adjustments" > "History" > change to bottom option "ALL"

Gary's Individual Spotwalla Trip Page
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SCMA September 3 Flags etc Newsletter 

Total Round Trip Mileage
5,478 miles,  8,815 km's
in 11 Riding Days,
13 Days Total Tour.
(107 hours in the saddle)


Brian Hooker
Terry Burrill
Kim Coubrough
Gary Premech
Shean Stacey
Ron Syroishka


Brian Hooker

Ron Syroishka
"Rockin Ronnie"

Terry Burrill

Kim Coubrough

Gary Premech

Shean Stacey

Darryl Snyder


Iceman & Maverick

2015 3 Flags Classic Tour route description:
San Diego, California to Oakhurst, California Checkpoint #1  555 Miles, 893 Kms
Leaving San Diego early on a Thursday morning; the weather should be cool and the traffic light as we find our way to Interstate 15 North.
Proceeding north, the weather begins to change to a warm dry desert heat as we approach San Bernadino County, the largest county in the USA.
Passing through the city of San Bernadino we enter the San Bernadino National Forest climbing toward Cajon Pass where we exit I-15 onto Hwy 138 and ride through the forest into the high desert.
At Mojave we exit onto Hwy 58 where we start to gain altitude through the Tehachapi Mountains.
The remaining route to checkpoint #1 is very fun passing through Sequoia National Forest, Inyo National Forest where you will see a beautiful majestic giant redwood forest, great vistas, high altitudes, and small towns.

The Oakhurst CA Best Western Hotel is Checkpoint #1.
Checkpoint Hours: Thursday 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM,   Friday: 6:00 AM - 1:00 PM
* our 7 person group arrived 12:26 PM

Oakhurst, California Checkpoint #1 to Alturas California Checkpoint #2   456 Miles, 733 Kms
Leaving Checkpoint #1 at Oakhurst CA, we head north on Hwy 49, the southern point of the California Gold County.
Hwy 49 is a great motorcycling road offering a wide variety of curves, valleys, peaks plus some spectacular views.
At Sonora, the route continues on Hwy 108 gaining altitude toward the Sonora Pass before descending to the high desert on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range onto Hwy 395.
Continuing our journey north, we cross the California/Nevada border then turn east toward the Nevada desert travelling through some beautiful farm lands and passing through the small community of Smith before turning north again toward Yerington and Silver Springs where we cross the historical Hwy 50, the Loneliest Road in America!
Continuing north on 95 Alt, we travel through Fernley and cross Interstate 80 where the route takes us into the northern Nevada Desert, void of farms, sparse vegetation and huge dry lakes where the end doesn't seem to exist.
At the end of a dry lake, we pass through Gerlach, a very unique town in the middle of nowhere, where many land speed records have been broken.
After passing Gerlach, the route continues northwest where we pass back into California before arriving at Alturas, the largest city in north-eastern California.
Welcome to Check Point Number two.

The Niles Hotel is Checkpoint #2.  304 S. Main Street Alturas CA
Checkpoint Hours:  Friday: 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Saturday 6:00 AM - 10:00 AM
* our 7 person group arrived Friday 5:55 AM, and waited for the checkpoint to open.

Alturas California Checkpoint #2 to Lewiston Idaho Checkpoint #3   537 Miles 864 Kms
Continuing our journey north on Hwy 395 out of Alturas, we travel in four states before reaching our destination in Lewiston, Idaho.
Hwy 395 is a very interesting road offering many turns, both tight and long sweepers which are guaranteed to keep you busy.
This is deer country, so keep alert and enjoy the beautiful country.
This leg of the route will pass very fast as you will keep moving except when you are eating and refueling.
At John Day, you leave Hwy 395 and continue east on Hwy 26 through Malheur NF where you will turn northeast onto Hwy 7 through the Whitman NF.
These roads will eventually take you to Baker City where you pickup Hwy 82 which is a great motorcycling road with long sweeping turns that takes you to the small City of Enterprise.
Hwy 3 north out of Enterprise will take you to Lewiston on a very beautiful forested road passing many small farms while passing through Wallowa NF.
This is truly a western road!

The Red Lion Hotel is Checkpoint #3. 621 - 21st Street Lewiston ID
Checkpoint Hours: Friday 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM, Saturday: 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Sunday: 6:00 AM - 10:00 AM
* our 6 person group arrived Friday 2:54 PM, and waited an hour for the checkpoint to open. (Shean took different route)

Lewiston Idaho Checkpoint #3 to Kamloops BC Checkpoint #4   543 Miles, 874 Kms
Leaving Lewiston you will immediately encounter the Spiral Highway; please don't cheat yourself by bypassing this section of the route, one of the great motorcycling roads in the west. It is a relatively short ride, but one you will remember.
The route will continue north on Hwy 195 to Spokane where you may see some heavy traffic but the roads chosen probably will get you north of Spokane without much trouble.
North of Spokane you will continue to ride Hwy 195 through large wheat fields, farmlands, rivers and mountains with plenty of beautiful scenery to keep you entertained until you reach the Canadian Border.
North of the Canadian Border you will certainly enjoy the scenery and diverse landscape with plenty of opportunity to hone your riding skills through mountains, across passes, along winding rivers, tight corners and sweeping turns.
After passing through Nakusp and collecting your fuel receipt, you will ride about 39 miles south-west to the Needles-Fauquier Ferry where you will cross the Columbia River FREE of charge.
Finishing this leg in Kamloops BC, you will find a very modern city with all the amenities for your comfort.

Kamloops Harley Davidson is Checkpoint #4.  1465 Iron Mask Road, Kamloops BC
Checkpoint Hours: Saturday: 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM, Sunday: 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Monday: 6:00 AM - 10:00 AM
* our 6 person group arrived Saturday 11:59 AM, and waited TWO HOURS for the checkpoint to open. (Shean took different route)

* our 6 person group arrived Saturday 7:41 AM

Kamloops BC Checkpoint #4 to Victoria BC FINISH   323 Miles, 519 Kms
This will be the shortest leg of the rally but offers many different venues.
As we leave Kamloops, you will see lush green farm valleys, large blue lakes surrounded by majestic mountains as you travel some some of the best highways in the world.
The first town we encounter on this leg will be Cache Creek where we turn north for a few miles to pick up Hwy 99 West and head for Whistler and the coast.
You will remember Hwy 99 for many reasons; it is one of the great motorcycling roads in North America so please enjoy it. stop in Whistler to see where the Jet Sets of North America come to ski, where the Winter Olympics were held in 2010 and why Whistler is the destination of so many skiers.
Leaving Whistler, you will gradually start to descend toward the coast passing through some of the beautiful forests of British Columbia.
At Horseshoe Bay, relax on the ferry ride over to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island before riding the picturesque city of Victoria and to our host hotel, the magnificent Fairmount Empress Hotel.

The Victoria Fairmount Empress Hotel is the FINISH.
Checkpoint Hours: Sunday: 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM, Monday: 12:00 noon to 9:00 PM
* our 6 person group arrived Sunday 8:45 AM, and waited FIVE HOURS for the checkpoint to open. (Shean took different route)
    We could have been in Victoria Saturday night at about 11:30 PM, but opted for a stay in Nanaimo for cheaper hotel, and the checkpoint Sunday opening.

Shean Stacey took an alternate route, had a back tire flat, and had a true adventure of his own.
 Shean eventually finished in Victoria, Sunday about 3:00 PM. and re-joined the group.

The Trip


Going Down:

Okotoks AB to San Diego CA
  (read Tijuana Mexico)


Map of the whole way down
2,235 miles = 3,596 kms
in 5 days of riding

Friday Aug 28, 2015
Okotoks AB to Kalispell Montana
276 GPS miles, 445 Km
285 Brians GW bike miles
3:45 PM  - 8:30 pm = 4.75 hrs
Friday Map 
Friday Pictures

Saturday Aug 29, 2015
Kalispell Montana to Jerome Idaho
511 GPS miles = 822 kms.
527 Brians GW bike miles
6:35 AM - 3:30 PM = 8 hrs
Saturday Map 
Saturday Pictures
812 Goldwing miles gone so far = 1306 kms

Sunday Aug 30, 2015
Jerome Idaho to Gardnerville Nevada
617 GPS miles =  992 kms
637 Brians GW bike miles
7:30 AM MDT- 4:30 PM PDT = 10 hrs
Sunday Map 
Sunday Pictures
1,449 miles gone so far = 2,331 kms

Monday Aug 31, 2015
Gardnerville NV to Morro Bay California
417 GPS miles = 671 kms
430 Brians GW bike miles
7:05 AM - 4:05 PM = 9 hrs
Monday Map
Monday Pictures
1,879 miles gone so far =  3,023 kms

Tuesday Sept 1, 2015
Morro Bay California to San Diego California
345 GPS miles = 555 kms
356 Brians GW bike miles
7:30 AM - 2:30 PM = 7 hrs
Tuesday Map
Tuesday Pictures
2,235 miles gone so far = 3,596 kms

Wednesday September 2, 2015
Touch the Fence - San Ysidro CA by Tijuana Mexico
45 Miles, 72 Kms
7:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Relax a bit with a few beverages and 3 Flags BBQ 4-6pm
Riders Meeting at 6:00pm
Bed by 8:30pm, to prep for
Thursday 1:00 am wake up, pack up motorcycle
  3:00 AM Gentlemen (and ladies)
Wednesday Map
Wednesday Pictures
2,280 miles gone so far = 3,669 kms


The 2015 3 Flags Classic Tour

GPS Stats

San Diego California to
Victoria BC
2,508 Miles / 4,036 Kms
in 4 Days

Thursday Sept 3, 2015 to
Sunday Sept 6, 2015
(we finished 1 day early
really, almost 2 days early)
4 Days riding.

Brian's 3 Flags 2015 Passport

Map of 2015 3 Flags Tour
2,508 miles = 4,036 kms
in 4 days of riding

Map of 2015 Down & 3 Flags Tour
4,706 Bike miles = 7,573 kms
in 10 Riding days

2015 3 Flags Goodies we get 

2015 3 Flags D6 Tuesday Day Pics 

2015 3 Flags D6 Tuesday Banquet  





Shean & Tish awarded Terry the "Top Gun Maverick helmet".
This was the snowmobile helmet that Shean had to buy after his flat tire ride (yet another story) drove away with HIS helmet. Note the Darth Vader white light at the front and the red flashing rear strobe lights.
Very Terry!!

3 Flags Classic Day 1 - Thursday Sept 3, 2015

San Diego CA to Alturas CA
  995 GPS miles = 1601 kms
   1026.9 Brians GW bike miles
  San Diego California to Alturas CA
    and Checkpoint 1 at Oakhurst CA
    and Checkpoint 2 at Alturas CA
3:00 AM - 10:30 PM = 19 1/2 hrs Riding time
Map: 2015 3 Flags D1-Thursday 
Pictures: 2015 3 Flags D1-Thursday
3,306 miles gone so far = 5,320 kms

3 Flags Classic Day 2 - Friday Sept 4, 2015
 Alturas CA  to Nelson BC
 801 GPS miles = 1601 kms
   831 Brians GW bike miles
  and Checkpoint 3 at Lewiston Idaho
6:00 AM - 9:00 PM = 15 hrs Riding time.
Map: 2015 3 Flags Day 2 - Friday 
Pictures: 2015 3 Flags Day 2 - Friday
4,137 miles gone so far = 6,657 kms

3 Flags Classic Day 3 - Saturday Sept 5, 2015
Nelson BC to Nanaimo BC
  583 GPS miles (high, due to GPS counting ferry ride)
   569 Brians GW bike miles = 915 kms
  and Checkpoint 4 at Kamloops BC
6:00 AM - 9:30 PM = 15 1/2 hrs Riding time.
Max Elevation today:
Map: 2015 3 Flags Day 3 - Saturday 
Pictures: 2015 3 Flags Day 3 - Saturday
4,706 miles gone so far = 7,573 kms

3 Flags Classic Day 4 - Sunday Sept 6, 2015
to Finish the Tour

Nanaimo BC to Victoria BC
  78 GPS miles = 125 kms
   81 Brians GW bike miles
  Nanaimo to Victoria BC
  and FINISH LINE Empress Hotel, Victoria BC
7:00 AM - 8:30 AM = 1 1/2 hrs Riding time.
Max Elevation today:
We actually finished the full tour about 2 DAYS ahead of schedule. Although not a race, Brian, Terry, Kim, Gary, Darryl and Ron were first bikes to arrive at the finish. (the top of 300 starters).
Map: 2015 3 Flags Day 4 - Sunday to Finish line 
Pictures: 2015 3 Flags Day 4 - Sunday to Finish line
Brian's Official Bike Mileage as submitted:  Finish 67,602 - start 65,094 = 2,508 3FC miles
4,787 miles gone so far = 7,703 kms

3 Flags Classic Day 5 - Monday September 7, 2014
As we arrived two DAYS before the finish checkpoint closed, this was a rest, socialize, snoop around day.
Met friends, ate well, and lazed around.
No riding today at all.
Pictures: 2015 Monday

Terry's iPhone Pictures 

Gary's Pictures

Kim's Pictures  

Shean's Pictures  

Spotwalla Screenshots 

Thanks to our friends and buddies that made this trip wonderful:
Carroll Walker - designed the US part of the 3FC route, Mike- designed the Canadian part of the route.
Steve, Gonzo & all the volunteers for organizing,
Ray Davies for SpotWalla and helping our rider Shean Stacey through tire failure issues.
Rodney Chew's words of wisdom that kept Shean going.
Miles & Lyle for just being who they are.
All the volunteers at the checkpoints that made this all possible.


The Ride Home:
Victoria BC to Okotoks AB.

Map of Track for entire Tour - PDF
Map of Track for Entire Trip - GDB file

Garmin .GDB file of complete Routes, Waypoints, Tracks of entire Tour

Map: Victoria BC to Okotoks AB 683 miles,  1099 Kms  14 hrs.  
5:20 AM - 8:15 PM = 14 hrs w/Time change
Max Elevation: 5405 feet, Total accent: 31,247 feet

Pictures: 2015 Wednesday going home

2015 3 Flags Classic Tour Statistics:

3 Flags 2015 entrants (tickets sold) 300
3 Flags 2015 Official Starters
   (Rider cards handed in)
USA: 224, Alberta: 38, BC: 27, Manitoba: 6, Sask: 1, England: 1, Mexico: 3
First year of 3 Flags Classic tour ?? new riders
Didn't finish  
Number of Women riders about 28
Average age of entrants  
Oldest Male Finisher: 86 years
Oldest Female Finisher: 80 years
Youngest Male 28, George White
Youngest Female  
Most Miles to get there  
Most 3 Flags Tours #37 for  Danny Fox, & Gloria Amesqua
Bike Makes  Can Am,  Ducati,  Suzuki,  Victory,  Triumph,  Kawasaki,  Yamaha,
 Harley Davidson,  BMW,  Honda
Smallest CC bike 500 cc
Oldest Bike  
Most remembered  
Good Samaritan Andrea Perault
Newest tradition  
Year of...  
50/30/20 draw winners 50% - $, 30% - $, 20% -our Terry Burrill $
Longest riding day for us 3 Flags Classic, Day 1:  San Diego California to Alturas CA
    and Checkpoint 1 at Oakhurst CA and Checkpoint 2 at Alturas CA
995 GPS miles = 1601 kms,    1026.9 Brians GW bike miles
3:00 AM - 10:30 PM = 19 1/2 hrs Riding time
Iron Butt Bun Burner 1500 miles in 36 hrs run San Diego California to Lewiston Idaho
Thru Checkpoint 1-Oakhurst CA, Checkpoint 2-Alturas CA, Checkpoint 3-Lewiston ID.
Brians GW bike miles
3:00 AM - 2:47 PM = 35 hrs, 47 minutes
Cost to do 3 Flags 2015 CDN $$ 3FC Ticket: $361, Fuel: $609, Lodging: $2072, Food: $600 = Rough total: $3,642
   (say $4,000)


Gas record for Brian's 2012 GL1800 

Date Time Day Where Miles Mileage Liters US Gallons Total US$ Total CDN$ Price per Fill #
28/08/2015 6:17:00 PM 1 Aldersyde AB 159.1 62,813 15.199     $16.32 $1.074 1
28/08/2015 6:17:00 PM 1 Fernie BC 157.4 62,971 15.350     $18.40 $1.199 2
28/08/2015 8:33:00 PM 1 Kalispell MT 122.3 63,093   3.006 $7.99 $10.90 $2.659 3
28/08/2015 9:16:00 AM 2 Hamilton MT 171.0 63,264   4.393 $11.68 $15.93 $2.659 4
28/08/2015 11:42:00 AM 2 Challis ID 155.8 63,420   4.233 $12.86 $17.54 $3.039 5
28/08/2015 3:18:00 PM 2 Jerome ID 200.4 63,620   5.136 $14.68 $20.02 $2.859 6
30/08/2015 8:22:00 AM 3 Wells NV 132.7 63,753   3.550 $12.42 $16.93 $3.499 7
30/08/2015 11:39:00 AM 3 Eureka NV 222.6 63,976   5.526 $17.18 $23.42 $3.109 8
30/08/2015 2:33:00 PM 3 Fallon NV 185.7 64,162   4.492 $12.93 $17.67 $2.878 9
30/08/2015 4:31:00 PM 3 Gardnerville NV 98.8 64,261   2.263 $6.97 $9.50 $3.079 10
31/08/2015 9:15:00 AM 4 Jamestown CA 114.3 64,375   2.740 $8.87 $12.12 $3.239 11
31/08/2015 12:45:00 PM 4 Monterey CA 189.0 64,564   4.586 $15.40 $21.04 $3.359 12
31/08/2015 4:01:00 PM 4 Morro Bay CA 127.0 64,691   2.872 $10.51 $14.28 $3.659 13
09/01/2015 10:10:00 AM 5 Frazier Park CA 155.1 64,846   4.109 $12.57 $17.08 $3.059 14
09/02/2015 10:26:00 AM 6 San Diego CA 242.7 65,094   6.064 $21.22 $28.91 $3.499 15
09/03/2015 5:53:00 AM 7 Lancaster CA 199.3 65,293   4.939 $16.15 $21.85 $3.199 16
09/03/2015 8:20:00 AM 7 Exeter CA 159.3 65,453   4.042 $13.74 $18.72 $3.399 17
09/03/2015 12:36:00 PM 7 40219 Hwy 41 179.2 65,632   5.147 $17.29 $23.55 $3.359 18
09/03/2015 4:03:00 PM 7 Bridgeport CA 183.9 65,816   4.654 $21.87 $29.80 $4.699 19
09/03/2015 6:04:00 PM 7 Fernley NV 114.9 65,931   2.550 $6.78 $9.24 $2.659 20
09/03/2015 9:15:00 PM 7 Alturas CA 189.9 66,121   4.642 $15.31 $20.86 $3.299 21
09/04/2015 8:49:00 AM 8 Burns OR 203.6 66,324   5.386 $16.15 $22.01 $2.990 22
09/04/2015 12:10:00 PM 8 La Grande OR 199.5 66,524   5.021 $14.05 $19.14 $2.799 23
09/04/2015 3:38:00 PM 8 Lewiston ID - IBA 161.4 66,685   4.765 $13.48 $18.37 $2.829 24
09/04/2015 4:06:00 PM 8 Mead WA 123.7 66,809   3.020 $8.09 $11.02 $2.679 25
09/05/2015 7:41:00 AM 9 Nakusp BC 237.9 67,047 22.389     $29.08 $1.299 26
09/05/2015 12:27:00 PM 9 Kamloops BC 207.2 67,254 21.839     $24.44 $1.119 27
09/05/2015 5:27:00 PM 9 Whistler BC 192.7 67,447 18.765     $22.12 $1.179 28
09/06/2015 9:17:00 AM 10 Victoria BC 156.0 67,603 15.136     $17.55 $1.159 29
11/09/2015 11:21:00 AM 11 Merritt BC 208.1 67,811 20.688     $25.01 $1.209 30
11/09/2015 2:27:00 PM 11 Revelstoke BC 190.1 68,001 18.242     $23.70 $1.299 31
11/09/2015 6:48:00 PM 11 Canmore AB 197.8 68,199 17.797     $20.27 $1.139 32
11/09/2015 8:16:00 PM 11 Okotoks AB 91.4 68,291 8.450     $8.15 $0.964 33
      TOTALS: 5470.7 5,478 158.656 97.136 $308.19 $608.62    
Average Miles per (CDN) Gallon on Brians 2012 1800 Goldwing:   47.27          


2015 3 Flags mileage for comparison:
  Total Miles: 2015-5,478 miles= 8,815 Kms
  Total Miles: 2014-5,229 miles= 8,415 Kms,
  Total Miles: 2012-5,205 miles= 8,376 Kms,  
  MPG: 2011 GW 1500= 40.97,  
            2012 GW 1800 = 46.98
            2014 GW 1800 = 49.21
            2015 GW 1800 = 47.27


DAY DATE  2015 Place Cost-all in
1 Friday Aug 28 Kalispell MT
Super 8
$114.67 USD
$156.35 CDN
2 Saturday Aug 29 Best Western Sawtooth Inn - Jerome ID
$107.00 USD
$147.25 CDN
3 Sunday Aug 30 Gardnerville Best Western
Best Western Topaz Lake Inn
$103.95 USD
$142.02 CDN
4 Monday Aug 31 Morro Bay CA Best Western
$137.02 USD
$187.15 CDN
5 Tuesday Sept 1 Wyndham San Diego Bayside
1355 North Harbor Drive, San Diego,  CA, 92101 
Canada Tel: 619-232-3861 | Fax: 619-232-4924 | Reservations: 800-996-3426
$145.45 USD
$198.16 CDN
6 Wednesday Sept 2 Wyndham San Diego Bayside
1355 North Harbor Drive, San Diego,  CA, 92101 
Canada Tel: 619-232-3861 | Fax: 619-232-4924 | Reservations: 800-996-3426
$145.45 USD
$198.16 CDN
7 Thursday Sept 3 Best Western,   Alturas CA $99.00 USD
$134.88 CDN
8 Friday Sept 4 Nelson BC
Best Western
(split 1/2 room)
$100.00 CDN
9 Saturday Sept 5 Nanaimo BC
Best Western Northgate Inn
6450 Metral Drive
Nanaimo BC 250-390-2222
$186.29 CDN
10 Sunday Sept 6 The Fairmont Empress 721 Government Street Victoria, BC V8W 1W5 CA Tel +1 (250) 384-8111
Fax +1 (250) 381-5959
$206.96 CDN
11 Monday Sept 7 The Fairmont Empress 721 Government Street Victoria, BC V8W 1W5 CA Tel +1 (250) 384-8111
Fax +1 (250) 381-5959
$206.96 CDN
12 Tuesday Sept 8 The Fairmont Empress 721 Government Street Victoria, BC V8W 1W5 CA Tel +1 (250) 384-8111
Fax +1 (250) 381-5959
$206.96 CDN
13 Wednesday Sept 9 Home!!!


$2,071.14 CDN


Comments from the riders:

Brian Hooker
  2012 Goldwing 1800, Candy Red
   My 4th 3 Flags Classic Tour was again another life memory. As motorcyclists, we live for twisties (doing the corners). This ride had 2500 miles of tight technical corners through river valleys, National Forests, canyons usually all on 2 lane secondary roads. Very little Interstate or main highways.
   Steve Shulman and his team of 3 Flags organizers really outdid themselves with the route this year. They fed us like kings and queens at the wind up banquet.
   I cant say enough about the riding partners I was with. We got along famously, and enjoyed each others company. Camaraderie, jocularity, & just plain good riding. The 3 Flags family of the organizers and the 300 participants this year are a wonderful and diverse family.
   We rode hard, full "game on" for 3 long solid days, and a short leisurely finish on Day 4. We saw some awesome country.
   Again, I HIGHLY recommend this ride to anyone with a capable bike. I would also recommend NOT going as hard and long as we did on this tour. Shorter days, more picture stops, eat well and sleep soundly. Take the full number of days.
Ron Syroishka
 2006 Goldwing 1800, Cabernet Red
    This was my third 3 Flags ride and without a doubt probably the most technical and demanding ride that I have been on. That probably has something to do with how young I am. The ride down to San Diego was great, we were able to travel the Pacific coast road for some 100 miles, the beauty of the coast is unbelievable. It’s a shame the rider doesn’t get to enjoy the view that much because one needs to remained focused.
    I can’t say enough about all my riding buddies, they all look after me and each other all through the many miles we put on our bikes. There were times we were riding at night, with the help of HID head lights and 6 bikes we lite up the road like it was the middle of a sunny day. I am sure some of the on-coming vehicles were questioning what in world is that coming the road towards us, probably looked to some like a 747 Jet about to land.
    I am extremely proud to say that I finished the Rally with the guys, but let me be perfectly honest, if it were not for the support of my riding buddies, I would not have finished with them.
    It’s a memory that I will take to the grave with me.
Rocket Ronnie
Kim Coubrough
  2008 Goldwing 1800, Red

Well, another great ride for the books. The 40th annual three flags was set up to out do the previous rides and it did just that. The weather for the most part was great, with the occasional moisture added just to add some flavour. We had some challenges, near misses, and a few unsure moments. But all made it safe and sound back home. Will be hard for SCMA to top this one.

Terry Burrill
 2008 Goldwing 1800, Platinum

 This was my 6th 3 Flags Classic. The most technical ride I have ever experienced. To complete this ride with 6 riding buddies is an unbelievable achievement. (coming in before the others was a bonus) There was such a feeling of accomplishment at the finish for all of us. Thanks to all of this group of guys for putting up with my OCD personality and planning :-) 

Gary Premech
 2008 Goldwing 1800, Platinum
This was my second 3 Flags Classic, the last was 5 years ago and I thought that one had a lot of twisties. You had to be alert at all times on this ride and we all succeeded in achieving our goal of arriving before any others to Victoria. Although being first didn’t mean eating first at the banquet as we were the last table picked, but oh well it was worth it. All in all it was a great ride with great people and lots of wonderful scenery at the blink of an eye.
Sean Stacey
  2012 Goldwing 1800, Candy Red
This was my first Three Flags and was the fulfillment of an 40 year bucket list item. I rode with and amazing and encouraging group of riders. They patiently waited on the ride down as I adapted to group riding and taught me more about riding than I can state. Riding Westbound on Hyw 108 through the pass on that sunny day as the rabbit, will forever be for me, a perfect day of riding!!! I smile just to think of it. Of course another laugh for me was hearing Brian state over the com: “ Well enough dilly dallying, time to do some riding”, as he passed me on the inside of a tight corner….. I can dream of that skill… just dream. Another favourite laugh was hearing Terry say wow 'sparks' as we rode down 108 and Kim dragged something. Laughed in my helmet for a couple of miles. My biggest regret was watching them ride off, when I was having trouble getting my wet gear on as it started raining and was only 6 degrees. I rode hard to catch up, but a flat tire conspired against me. So I followed the GPS the rest of the route, and honoured my co-riders as I did. (I did drive past Horseshoe Bay and the line up for the ferry, and went to the Tsawassen Ferry Terminal instead.) Amazing roads, great company and friends to whom I will ever owe a debt of gratitude for the companionship, laughs, and teaching!!! Thank you all !!!!!
Darryl Snyder
 2000 Goldwing 1800, Black
Although I had some equipment failures on the way down such as my GPS, a ruined rear tire by pallet staple, bike fob malfunction, credit cards that wouldn't work, my co-riders helped out with cash and spare GPS, to get me through. Our meeting up on the road, and just being engulfed by the group, was absolutely amazing. Maverick says "Channel 2, just keep riding position 2, welcome aboard", unbelievable. I had some real learning to do on the winding, twisting roads, and really had to take my skills to a new level. Thanks Brian and others for some riding tips to help me out. I learned a tremendous amount with lots of miles to practice. Making it work and expanding ones limits had me smiling. Overall a great experience. Thanks to all for making it a ride to talk about and remember with pride.


3 Flags SCMA Forum Links:

2015 3FC GPS File is HERE!!!! - (Unofficial, official)

Arriving Early?...things to do in San Diego - Courtesy of SCMA

Restaurants near the start hotel:

Leaving San for the out-of-town riders

More 3 Flags pictures from 3FC rider Victor Castaneda Jr 
   more pics from Victors ride home

Even More pictures from other riders  



Link to the Official 3 Flags website - Everyone is welcome, and they are looking for new riders. A very friendly bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Last Years, Official Ride Flyer 2014 3 Flags Tour

Link to Southern California Motorcycle Assn. (SCMA) host club

Iron Butt Association - Long distance ride association and awards

Wingstuff - where ALL good things for Goldwings come from

Our Garmin MapSource file of the trip as a PDF.
Our Garmin MapSource .GPX file of the trip.

Brightsource HID lights. These guys philosophy  is to assemble the "best of breed" parts for their HID & light kits.
  These kits do not interfere with my Tire Pressure monitor, XM and CB radios, as cheap kits did.
** Here is the link to the H7 HID Kit for the Goldwings.You need 2 kits, if you are doing both Hi and Low beams (4 bulbs) **

LD Comfort Undergarments: "Performance undergarments for serious riders, because comfort counts for every mile."


Find Me SPOT devices: I recommend and will be picking me up one of these so my wife & family can track where I am
  for interest and above all, safety/in case of emergency


Keith Code's California Superbike School - If you want to ride better, check this out. Get the Twist of the Wrist 2 DVD and book.
Twist of the Wrist 2 DVD      A Twist of the Wrist, Vol. 2


Previous Trips webpages:

Brians 2014 3 Flags Classic Motorcycle Tour –
 Tucson Arizona  (read Nogales Mexico)  to Harrison Hot Springs BC
  Friday Aug 29 - Monday Sept 1, 2014
   2,360 miles or 3,798 Km's in 3 Days, 2014 3 Flags Tour, one way!
Total Mileage (bh): 5,229 Miles, or 8,415 Kms in 8 riding days, over an 11 day total tour.


Brian's 2012 3 Flags Tour: El Paso Texas to Nelson BC - 4,469 miles, 7,192 km's in 8 Riding Days, 11 Days Total Tour.


Brian's 2011 3 Flags Tour: San Ysidro CA to Penticton BC - 5,205 miles, 8,376 km's in 11 Days..


Brian Hooker's June 5-9 2010 Motorcycle trip to Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota etc. About 3200 kms


Brian's Motorcycle trip to Whitehorse Yukon and Skagway Alaska June 17 - June 28 2008

 7000 km in 11 days.


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