3 Flags Classic Motorcycle Tour 2018

Puerto Penasco Mexico to Calgary AB

Friday August 31, 4:30AM – Tuesday Sept 4, 2018

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Not bad… 3 countries (Canada, USA, Mexico), 3 of the best 15 roads in USA, One of the best roads in Montana, AND a 3 Flags Classic Tour in 7 days.

Google detailed, expandable map of the above here.
Tracks Down to Start in Puerto Penasco MX
Tracks on 3 Flags Classic tour to Calgary AB

2,339 miles or 3,764 Km's in 3 Days
2018 3 Flags Tour, one way!
(We finished in 3 days,
1 day earlier than most)

Brians Individual 3FC 2018 Spotwalla Trip Page
Follow the group on this epic adventure, real time. (Goes Live Aug 26-18)
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choose "Adjustments" > "History" > change to bottom option "ALL",
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The Spot device tracking was really hit & more miss on this trip. Replacement needed.

The 2018 SCMA 43rd Three Flags Classic website

Official Ride Flyer 2018 3 Flags Tour

Total Round Trip Mileage
4,755 miles, 7,652 km's
in 6 Riding Days,
 7 Days Total Tour.


Brian Hooker

Kim Coubrough

Terry Burrill

2018 3 Flags Classic Tour route description:   As a .PDF
The 2018 Three Flags Classic (3FC18) is starting in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico on Friday August 31, 2018
and finishing in on Sept. 3rd in Calgary Alberta Canada, at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino.
SCMA 3 Flags Classic Tour can handle over 300 entrants at both ends.


3 Flags 2018 Official Flickr website,   PICTURES

Kim’s Pictures 3FC18

TV Slideshow pictures Brian’s, Reubens, & others pictures combined

Committee Involvement
This year I was also fully involved in the SCMA (Southern California Motorcycle Assn)  3FC18 Three Flags 2018 organizational committee, as the Calgary Finish Director.

My duties included: The City, the venue – Deerfoot Inn & Casino, Tourism Calgary, hotel rooms, promotion, sponsors,
volunteers, RCMP, Alberta Sheriffs, Calgary City Police Pipe Band for pipers and drummer, buckles, pins, decals,
banquet and menu, awards, White Hatter ceremony, the Finish Checkpoint, donations, banners, signage, vendors, on and on.

Many thanks to Cori Crawford – Deerfoot Inn & Casino, Barry Lammle – Lammle’s Western Wear & Tack, Bob Van Nes – Finish Captain, and Ron Parkinson.

Uncountable conversations, emails etc with Gonzo, Barbara and the rest of the 3FC18 committee members – thanks to all of you for your help.
And mostly my wife Deb for putting up with me on this, for months.

By all accounts 3 Flags 2018 and the Finish was a great success.


Calgary Goldwing GWRRA – Chapter AB-A September newsletter, with 3FC18 article.


Jenny Smith, editor of Woman Rider and Managing Editor of Rider Magazine,
rode this year's Three Flags for the 1st time and has published a story about her adventure......
check it out:
    “Going the Distance on the Three Flags Classic

The Trip

 “Plan your ride, and ride your plan”             Trip Gas & Stops Spreadsheet


The Ride To the Start:
Aldersyde AB to Puerto Penasco Mexico.

Garmin .GDB file of complete Routes, Waypoints, Tracks of entire Tour 

Sunday August 26, 2018    

Aldersyde AB to Boise ID
* Banks to Lowman to Idaho City on Idaho 21.
Makes Tail of the Dragon ride look like the bunny hill.
100 miles of awesome corners.
  825 GPS miles
   854 Brian’s GW bike miles = 1,373 kms
 4:00 AM – 5:40 PM =  13.7 hrs Riding time
Map PDF: 2017 3 Flags D1-Friday             Google real Map
854 miles gone so far = 1,373 kms

Monday August 27, 2018    
Boise ID to Boulder City NV
  741 GPS miles
   763 Brian’s GW bike miles   1,230 kms
5:00 AM – 5:30 PM =  12.5 hrs Riding time
Map PDF: 2017 3 Flags D2-Saturday             Google real Map
1,617 miles gone so far = 2,602 kms

Tuesday August 28, 2018    
Boulder City NV to Tucson AZ
  542 GPS miles
   562 Brian’s GW bike miles   906 kms
5:00 AM – 4:15 PM =  11.75 hrs Riding time
Map PDF: 2017 3 Flags D3-Sunday             Google real Map
2,180 miles gone so far = 3,508 kms

Wednesday August 29, 2018    
Tucson AZ to Puerto Penasco Mexico
  230 GPS miles
   237 Brian’s GW bike miles   380 kms
5:00 AM – 4:15 PM =  11.75 hrs Riding time
Map PDF: 2017 3 Flags D3-Sunday             Google real Map
2,416 miles gone so far = 3,888 kms


 The 2018 3 Flags Classic Tour

Puerto Penasco Mexico to
Calgary Alberta Canada
2,339 Miles / 3,764 Kms
in 3 Days

Buffet Opening Dinner


The 3FC18 ride Passport
Includes ride details
and daily descriptions












3FC18 Friday August 31, 2018    
Puerto Penasco Mexico to Durango Colorado
  809 GPS miles
   835 Brian’s GW bike miles   1,343 kms
     and US 180 > 32 >36 Highways
   4:30 AM – 7:34 PM =  15 hrs Riding time
Map PDF: PP Mex to Durango CO Friday August 31, 2018             Google real Map
 3,250 miles gone so far = 5,230 kms

3FC18 Saturday Sept 1, 2018    
Durango Colorado to Columbus Montana
  864 GPS miles
   896 Brian’s GW bike miles   1,442 kms
     and Million Dollar Highway (Best 15 roads)
   5:00 AM – 7:13 PM =  12.2 hrs Riding time
Map PDF: Durango CO to Columbus MT                         Google real Map
4,146 miles gone so far = 6,672 kms

U.S. 550, “Million Dollar Highway”, Montrose to Durango, Colorado http://www.canyonchasers.net/maps/32/CO-550

3FC18 Sunday Sept 2, 2018    
Columbus Montana to Calgary Alberta Canada - DFIC
   585 GPS miles
   608 Brian’s GW bike miles  980 kms
     and Bear Tooth Pass Highway (Best 15 roads)
   5:00 AM –  2:43 PM =  9.75 hrs Riding time
Map PDF: Columbus Montana to Calgary Alberta Canada - DFIC        Google real Map
  4,755 miles gone so far =  7,652 kms

U.S. 212 & WY 296, Beartooth Pass Highway and Chief Joseph Highway, Red Lodge, MT to north of Cody WY* http://www.beartoothhighway.com http://www.motorcycleroads.com/75/676/Wyoming/Chief-Joseph-Scenic-Highway-Bighorn-Mountains.html
Monday September 3, 2018 Finishers Day Pictures

3 Flags Classic Banquet - Tuesday Sept 4, 2018    
Deerfoot Inn & Casino
Calgary Alberta Canada
Pictures of the day and the Banquet
Brian Hooker was the Finish Director for the 3FC18
   Assisted by Bob Van Nes, Finish Captain, and Ron Parkinson


Our Garmin MapSource file of the actual trip tracks as ridden as a PDF.

Our Garmin MapSource file of the actual trip tracks as ridden as a GDB

Our Garmin MapSource file of the actual trip tracks as ridden as a GPX


Thanks to our friends and buddies that made this trip wonderful, and also to all volunteers at checkpoints that made it possible.


2018 3 Flags Classic Tour Statistics & Awards:

3 Flags 2018 entrants (tickets sold)


3 Flags 2018 Official Starters
   (Rider cards handed in)

USA:119, Canada:91, Mexico:4,

Interesting… California 54, Alberta 68, BC 18. AZ 15, TX 12, WA 7, CO 6, NV 6, OR 4,

First year of 3 Flags Classic tour

?? new riders. Appears LOTS this year, (no count, sorry)

Didn't start, or didn’t finish

 21, About ½ didn’t make it to the start. Non-finishers: breakdown, tires, personal, etc


Zero. Nada.  A brush with a bear, and one with a deer were heard of.

Number of Women riders

16 riders, 5 passengers

Average age of entrants

 Male: 63, Female: 58.   6 in 80’s, 42 in 70’s, 85 in 60’s, 52 in 50’s, 10 in 40’s, 30’s - 1, 20’s - 1

Oldest Male Finisher:

Bryan Sowers 86

Oldest Female Finisher:

Judith Wagner 74

Youngest Male

Sean Mickelson 22

Youngest Female

Jennifer Smith 38

Most Miles to get there

Charles Lamb 2,458 mi Hopewell VA on HD, Susan Torrance 2,308 mi London ON on HD

Most 3 Flags Tours

#40 for  Danny Fox, & Gloria Amesqua

Bike Makes

76 Honda, 55 Harley Davidson, 43 BMW, 11 Yamaha, 8 Triumph, 5 Victory, 5 Indian, 2 Suzuki,
 3 Can Am, 2 Kawasaki, 2 KTM, 1 Ducati, 1 Moto Guzzi.  214 total.

Smallest CC bike

Lucille deBeaudrap Honda CBR500, Edmonton AB, Gary Duncan Burgman 650

Oldest Bike

Charlie Hart 1999 Honda, Tanya Anderson

Good Samaritan

Tim Wanamaker

Best Checkpoint:

Finish – Calgary Deerfoot Inn & Casino

Highest Poker Hand

Turin Atol

Poker Chip – Next Year 3 Flags ticket:

Hannalore Traynor

Twitter Game

Brian Norrie

Miles Cash awards

100- David Lima, 200 Steve Shulman, 300-Bruce Powell, 400-Don Thomas, 500- James Tremblay

New Aerostich riding Suits

Reuben Friesen, Steve Andrus

50/30/20 draw winners

50% - $1,686 John Brumhall, 30% - $1,012 Tim Wanamaker, 20% - $674 Ernie Apostal

Longest riding day for us

Saturday Sept 2 Durango CO to Columbus MT:    896 miles, 1,442 kms.

Cost to do 3 Flags 2018 CDN $$

Ticket: ($285 USD), $363 CDN, Fuel: $560.39, Lodging: $1,408.89, Food: $350 ($50/day)

Mexican Insurance: $109.82

 = Rough total: $2,793 (say $3,000 CDN)

Previous Years costs:

2017: Rough total: $3,061     (say $3,500 CDN)

2015: Rough total: $3,642     (say $4,000 CDN)

2014: Rough total: $2,624     (say $3,000 CDN)

2012: Rough total: $2,243     (say $3,000 CDN)

2011: No cost stats


Gas record for Brian's 2012 GL1800.

2018 3 Flags Total trip mileage for comparison:
Total Miles: 2018- 4,755 miles= 7,652 Kms,  Puerto Penasco MX to Calgary AB
Total Miles: 2017- 5,575 miles= 8,972 Kms,  Abbotsford BC to Puerto Penasco MX 
Total Miles: 2015- 5,478 miles= 8,815 Kms,  San Diego CA to Victoria BC
Total Miles: 2014- 5,229 miles= 8,415 Kms,  Tucson AZ to Harrison Hot Springs BC
Total Miles: 2012- 4,469 miles= 7,192 Kms,  El Paso TX to Nelson BC

Total Miles: 2011- 5,205 miles= 8,376 Kms,  San Ysidro CA to Penticton BC

2018 GW 1800 = 43.86

2017 GW 1800 = 44.26

2015 GW 1800 = 47.27

2014 GW 1800 = 49.21

2012 GW 1800 = 46.98
2011 GW 1500= 40.97



DATE  2018


Cost-all in


Sunday Aug 26

Best Western Northwest Lodge Boise ID

$105.77 USD

$140.77 CDN


Monday August 27

Quality Inn, Boise ID

$78.92 USD

$105.18 CDN


Tuesday August 28

Best Western Foothills Tucson AZ

$59.17 USD

$78.85 CDN


Wednesday August 29

Playa Bonita, Puerto Penasco Mexico

+ $99.00USD

$3,564 Pesos

$257.39 CDN


Thursday August 30

Playa Bonita, Puerto Penasco Mexico



Friday August 31

Best Western Durango CO

$164.18 USD

$220.29 CDN


Saturday September 1

Super 8, Columbus MT

$102.93 USD

$138.26 CDN


Sunday September 2

Deerfoot Inn & Casino, Calgary AB $139.00 Night, + Taxes ($156)

$468.15 CDN


Monday September 3

Deerfoot Inn & Casino, Calgary AB



Tuesday September 4

Deerfoot Inn & Casino, Calgary AB



Wednesday Sept 5






$1,408.89 CDN


Comments from the riders:

Brian Hooker
  2012 Goldwing 1800,
Candy Red

 It is absolutely awesome to find another couple of riders that are so in tune together. There is not even much chatter, as we all know what is expected, and can anticipate each other’s moves. Perfect. For virtually all of the trip down, and on the 3 Flags coming home, you could have tied a string around us all at any given moment. Truly “flying in formation”.
We ride hard, we ride long, we carve corners like artists.

Not a race, but a healthy team effort. All riders trying to coach the best out of each other.

Yet another GREAT 3 Flags Classic Tour experience. Big miles, long days and great friendships.

Cannot wait until next year.

Always have fun out there and bring ‘em home safely.

Kim Coubrough
  2008 Goldwing 1800, Red

When it comes to any ride, it is important for all the riders to have the same style of riding. When everyone "clicks" the same, it is like magic on the road. As it was with this 2018 3 flags. What a trip! The weather was great, and my fellow riders were even better. I wasn't expecting the nickname  "Mig", but I will certainly will try and live up to it.

When you ride with seasoned riders and learn from their teachings, it is impressive what you are capable of.

This was certainly one for the books and I look forward to many more to come. Even with the temp hovering around 114 degrees and "Maverick" getting random showers from the lead bike. It was well worth it.

At the end of a days ride, sitting and joking around the dinner table. That kind of fellowship you cannot put a price tag on. Particularly if the "iceman" has had a couple of "deserts" at a Japanese restaurant.  Priceless!!!


However, like the movie...... the "iceman and Marverick" do catch the "Mig"............  but there is always a sequel....... stay tuned!


Kim Coubrough

GWRRA Assistant District Educator

Canadian Prairies District



Terry Burrill

  2008 Goldwing 1800, Platinum

This was one of the best rides I’ve ever been on. The routes we picked to go down to Penasco and the 3FC route we added miles too, were awesome. To ride with guys who we were all learning from and teaching, hones skills, which helps with confidence and safer rides.

You would think it doesn’t get any better than to have The Mig chasing you through the twisties, until it’s Mavericks turn to chase The Mig!!

The saying goes,

Ride to Live, but LIVE to RIDE !!!

It has been a great experience, would do it again.


3 Flags SCMA Forum Links:

2018 3FC GPS File is HERE 



Long Distance Motorcycling Checklist by SCMA Steve Shulman

T-Clock Motorcycle Inspection, from GWRRA

Link to the Official 3 Flags website - Everyone is welcome, and they are looking for new riders. A very friendly bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Link to Southern California Motorcycle Assn. (SCMA) host club


Previous Trips webpages:

3 Flags Classic Motorcycle Tour 2017   Abbotsford BC to Puerto Penasco Mexico

Friday Sept 1, 3:00AM - Sunday Sept 3, 2017

2,213 miles or 3,561 Km's in 3 Days    2017 3 Flags Tour, one way!

Total Round Trip Mileage    5,575 miles, 8,972 km's  in 8 Riding Days, 11 Days Total Tour.


Yellowknife NWT Cannonball Rides run  June 19-25, 2017

Brian’s bike total: 3,672 miles, 5,909 Kms in 7 days.

2 Provinces, 1 Territory, 2 States


3 Flags Classic Motorcycle Tour 2015

 San Diego California  (read Tijuana Mexico)

 to Victoria BC  - One way, 2,430 miles or 3,911 Km's in 4 Days

Total Round Trip Mileage  5,478 miles,  8,815 km's  in 11 Riding Days,  13 Days Total Tour.


3 Flags Classic Motorcycle Tour 2014
 Tucson Arizona  (read Nogales Mexico)  to Harrison Hot Springs BC
  Friday Aug 29 - Monday Sept 1, 2014
   2,360 miles or 3,798 Km's in 3 Days, 2014 3 Flags Tour, one way!
Total Mileage (bh): 5,229 Miles, or 8,415 Kms in 8 riding days, over an 11 day total tour


3 Flags Tour 2012: El Paso Texas to Nelson BC - 4,469 miles, 7,192 km's in 8 Riding Days, 11 Days Total Tour.


3 Flags Tour 2011: San Ysidro CA to Penticton BC - 5,205 miles, 8,376 km's in 11 Days.


Brian Hooker's June 5-9 2010 Motorcycle trip to Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota etc. About 3200 kms


Brian's Motorcycle trip to Whitehorse Yukon and Skagway Alaska June 17 - June 28 2008

 7000 km in 11 days.


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