Whitehorse, Yukon Territories,  Goldwing Motorcycle Rally
Skagway Alaska Tour
June 17 - June 28 2008



"The legendary Gold Wing remains the gold standard of luxury touring, thanks to satellite navigation, a premium audio system, a cold-weather comfort package, an industry-first fully integrated airbag and unrivaled performance." Honda Canada




What it's all about!

Couch-Rocket Pilots:

  Brian Hooker - 1988 Honda Goldwing GL1500
  Neil  Wight- 2005 Honda Goldwing GL1800
  Darcy Grenwich- 2004 Honda Goldwing GL1800
  Sid Robinson - 2007 Honda Goldwing GL1800


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Disclaimer: A lot of the pictures here are of scenery and twisty roads that motorcyclists live for. Non-riders may not get quite the same thrill viewing. These pages are also to be used as a resource for other riders that may be planning a similar ride.

Mr. Congeniality for the trip: Sid Robinson. Every time you look around, Sid was over talking to someone!

Goldwings are fantastic bikes, but when the conditions get ugly, rainy, cold, etc, they are even better!!

Postcards:    See a the postcards we picked up

Favorite Roads:
 - Ft. Nelson BC (Hwy 97) to Teslin YT (Hwy 1)  MAP
  Scenic, twisty, wildlife, Liard Hotsprings
 - Charlie Lake BC to Chetwynd (Hwy 29)  MAP
  Dips into the Peace River Valley, Very scenic, twisty, beautiful
 - 100 Mile House BC to Little Fort (Hwy 24)  MAP
  Scenic, twisty
 - Kamloops BC to Vernon (Hwy 97)  MAP
  Just a great road
 - Vernon to Nakusp BC over the Monashee Pass (Hwy 6)  MAP
  Scenic, twisty
 - Nakusp BC (Hwy 6) > New Denver (Hwy 31a) > Kaslo  MAP
  Rated as # 2 motorcycle road in BC by someone.
 - Kaslo BC to Balfour Ferry (Hwy 31)  MAP
   Rated as # 1 motorcycle road in BC by someone.

The Trip - Plan A  - Maps
  Okotoks Alberta to Whitehorse Yukon Territories map  2400 km
  The Golden Circle - Whitehorse YT to Whitehorse YT, thru Skagway Alaska, Haines, Haines Junction YT  600 km
  Whitehorse YT to Okotoks AB home  3838 km
    Total Distance: 6838 km

The Trip - Plan H, by now...
 Head back to Muncho Lake on Monday. Roads south through BC are rained out and under construction. See below for the "as ridden" account.

Entire Trip Map

Day 1 - Millarville AB to Grande Prairie AB  Map 884 Km
  PICTURES ->  Tuesday June 17, 2008  Pictures
  Ride Time in the saddle: Left home at 6:30am, shut 'er down in Grande Prairie at 9:30 pm after a bike wash.

Day 2 - Grande Prairie to Muncho Lake Map 841 km
  PICTURES ->  Wednesday June 18, 2008  Pictures
  Ride Time in the saddle: Left Grande Prairie at 6:30am, got into Muncho Lake at 8:30pm Pacific time .

Day 3 -  Muncho Lake to Whitehorse Map 709 km 
  PICTURES ->  Thursday June 19, 2008  Pictures
  Ride Time in the saddle: Left Munch Lake @ , got to Whitehorse at

Day 4Whitehorse Rally Map 555 km  
  PICTURES ->  Friday June 20, 2008  Pictures
  Goldwing Rally Meet & Greet live band (??)  .MOV Quicktime Player little Movie
Weather here seems to be about one month behind Okotoks, as far as temp goes.
 Supposed to go on Golden Circle ride. Found out ferry from Skagway to Haines only runs Tuesday and Thursday. No can do. Plans adjusted.
  Midnight Bun Run was fantastic.
  Ride Time in the saddle: Left hotel at     and returned at

Day 5 Whitehorse Rally Map  241 km  
  PICTURES ->  Saturday June 21, 2008  Pictures
  Goldwing Bug Run.
  Ride Time in the saddle: Left hotel at     and returned at

Day 6Whitehorse to Skagway Alaska   Map 384 km
  PICTURES ->  Sunday June 22, 2008  Pictures
 Another great day. Started out cool to cold in the AM and didn't change much.
   Total distance so far:  3614 kms
    Supposed to suck weather wise tomorrow. Low +5, High +8, rain. Trip plan adjusted again.
  Ride Time in the saddle: Left hotel at     and returned at

Day 7 -  Whitehorse to Muncho Lk 715 km  Map
  PICTURES ->  Monday June 23, 2008  Pictures
 This day rained most of the way. Made good mileage anyway. Temps were +6 to +8.
  Brian installed full electric heated clothing, pants, jacket and gloves, and was toasty warm. HIGHLY recommended gear.
  Ride Time in the saddle: Left Whitehorse at , got to Muncho Lake at

Day 8Muncho Lk to Prince George 1071 km   Map
  PICTURES ->  Tuesday June 24, 2008  Pictures
 This was a good day, mostly sunshine with little rain. Made the most mileage of the trip today. Temps were +8 to a high of about +15.
  Ride Time in the saddle: Left Muncho Lake   , ended up in Prince George (Sid & Brian) at 

Day 9Prince George to Vernon 645 km  Map
  PICTURES ->  Wednesday June 25, 2008  Pictures
  A good weather day. No rain +15 to +26 . Hwy 24 is a jewel to ride. Got a late start at noon, after a leisurely breakfast and a major morotcycle wash job. Dinner @ Kamloops. Stay at Vernon Lodge hotel.
   Total distance so far:  6045 kms
  Ride Time in the saddle: Left Prince George    , shut down in Vernon

Day 10Vernon lay over 94 km  Map
 Thursday June 26, 2008  Day Off, took no pictures
   Layover day @ Vernon lodge Hotel

Day 11 -  Vernon to Okotoks Home 862 km  Map
  PICTURES ->  Friday June 27, 2008  Pictures
  Ride Time in the saddle: Left Vernon at about 8am, got home 11:00pm, 14 hours
     Total distance of the trip:  7001 kms

Little Jewels of Information:
  Cycling Shorts (underwear):  THE most comfortable thing I have ridden in. No bunching, cutting off circulation, breathable, padded, washable, etc.
    Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) bicycling shorts.

a) Q: Did your butt get sore?
    A: Not at all. We were in the saddle for up to 14 hours some days, no problem. It should be noted that I get stiff & sore in a car after 7 hours. I don't know why the bike was not tiring. We weren't stiff, sore, tired at all at the end of a day's ride.
b) Q: Riding in the rain must have sucked.
    A: Not at all. We all had rain suits, chaps, and enough warm clothing. Brian had electric clothing (pant liner, jacket liner, and gloves) and was toasty warm with the thermostat set at low. However, riding in sunshine is for sure better.
c) Q: Would you do it again?
    A: For sure. The trip was great. Lots of scenery, camaraderie, jocularity, met many nice people and fellow bikers. No incidents. All was good!! 

Fuel Stops:
These stops relate to Brian's 1988 GL1500 with a 24L tank and about 210 mile cruise limit (300 km)
As the bike is an American model, the original distances are in miles. Fuel was usually Premium.

Date Where Miles Km Liters Fuel Cost $/L MPG
16-Jun-2008 Okotoks AB            
17-Jun-2008 Eisenhower Junction 130 209 14.7 $20.71 $1.409 40.2
17-Jun-2008 Hinton 211 340 17.6 $25.46 $1.447 54.5
17-Jun-2008 Grande Cache 89 143 10.9 $16.01 $1.469 37.1
17-Jun-2008 Grande Prairie 118 190 12.4 $17.86 $1.440 43.3
18-Jun-2008 Ft. St. John 130 209 14.0 $21.19 $1.514 42.2
18-Jun-2008 Pink Mountain 95 153 9.5 $14.88 $1.566 45.5
18-Jun-2008 Ft. Nelson 142 229 14.4 $23.12 $1.606 44.8
19-Jun-2008 Muncho Lake BC 152 245 16.1 $26.92 $1.672 42.9
19-Jun-2008 Watson Lake 162 261 17.7 $28.00 $1.582 41.6
19-Jun-2008 Teslin 165 266 17.9 $26.35 $1.472 41.9
20-Jun-2008 Whitehorse YT 124 200 13.1 $20.52 $1.566 43.0
20-Jun-2008 Whitehorse YT 203 327 21.3 $32.73 $1.537 43.3
21-Jun-2008 Whitehorse YT 132 212 12.4 $19.12 $1.542 48.4
22-Jun-2008 Whitehorse YT 156 251 15.2 $22.00 $1.447 46.7
22-Jun-2008 Skagway AK 119 192 13.6 $17.70 $1.299 39.7
23-Jun-2008 Whitehorse YT 119 192 14.6 $22.49 $1.540 37.1
23-Jun-2008 Teslin 113 182 12.5 $18.40 $1.470 41.0
23-Jun-2008 Watson Lake 164 264 18.3 $28.41 $1.552 40.7
23-Jun-2008 Muncho Lake BC 164 264 19.7 $32.87 $1.669 37.8
24-Jun-2008 Ft. Nelson 155 249 16.1 $25.69 $1.596 43.8
24-Jun-2008 Buckinghorse River 108 174 13.6 $22.17 $1.630 36.1
24-Jun-2008 Hudson's Hope BC 165 266 18.7 $26.19 $1.401 40.1
24-Jun-2008 Bear Lake BC 182 293 21.7 $30.30 $1.396 38.1
25-Jun-2008 Williams Lake BC 189 304 20.1 $29.18 $1.452 42.7
25-Jun-2008 Kamloops BC 195 314 19.5 $28.97 $1.486 45.5
26-Jun-2008 Vernon BC 129 208 13.5 $20.50 $1.519 43.4
27-Jun-2008 Kaslo BC 178 286 21.3 $28.29 $1.328 38.0
27-Jun-2008 Fernie BC 198 319 18.8 $27.53 $1.464 47.9
28-Jun-2008 Okotoks AB 151 243 16.2 $22.87 $1.412 42.4
    Miles Km Liters Fuel Cost $/L MPG
TOTALS   4338 6981 465 $696.43 $1.499 42.4


Date Location Place Cost/night
plus taxes
June 17, 2008 Grande Prairie AB Stanford Inn $128 OK place
June 18, 2008 Muncho Lake BC - Alaska Highway Northern Rockies Lodge $125 Great!  Highly recommended. Not cheap, but one of a few on the Alaska Highway still in business. Good food, great room, wonderful views.
June 19, 20, 21, 22, 2008 Whitehorse YT 202 Motor Inn $119 Kind of a downtown dive. Ended up with a "smoking" room, it stunk. Above a bar. "Air Conditioning" was a portable fan.Not recommended. Cut a deal with River View motel to use their underground parking for our motorcycles. Large tips can be persuasive!!
June 23, 2008 Muncho Lake BC - Alaska Highway Northern Rockies Lodge $125 Great!  Highly recommended again.
June 24, 2008 Prince George BC Anco Motel $70 - CAA Rennovated room, good service, great shower. Good food in attached restaurant
June 25, 26, 2008 Vernon BC Vernon Lodge $109 - corp Always a good place to stay in Vernon. Hasn't changed much in 20+ years that I've been coming here.
June 27, 2008 Home in Okotoks     Always great to get back home to my wife Deb, Benny dog & Pandy cat. Even a day early.

Bike Equipment:

Brian's 1988 Goldwing 1500:
  Garmin 60CSx gps, iPod 80 gb classic w/5900 songs loaded, Sirius satellite radio, 2 Beverage Buddy's (1 for Coffee Americano, 1 for water), CB, laptop computer, Michelin Pilot GT tires (the best),


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